A  Holistic Approach

for the

High Performance Athlete

Inspire Sports Academy + Young Athletes

The Mission

Provide a holistic student athlete academy that enhances athletic and academic performance without disadvantaging individual developmental and social growth.

The Vision

To create a new standard for the modern student athlete to succeed in sport without being disadvantaged in pursuit of academic excellence.

The Values

Life Balance is a requirement for success

    • It takes a team to be great
    • Foundations build excellence
    • Communication is always the key

The Perfect Balance of Learning

Inspire Sports Academy’s exclusive Sports Literacy program is a balance of four key components:

    • Physical Literacy Training – enhances agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, and spatial  awareness;  provides the foundational base to excel in any sport; our Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP) systems and our Movement Competency Performance – (MCP) technology created in partnership with multiple Universities, Professors, Olympic Athletes and Coaches.

    • Strength and Flexibility Training – on-site work-out facility; curriculum tailored to individual sport and athlete needs; in partnership with Transform Sports.

    • Sprint Training – develops power and speed.

    • Sport Performance Training – nutrition, visualization techniques, guest speakers, SMART goals.

Data Driven: 

Mass Data constantly updates the Academy Curriculum. This enables the most efficient learning and produces the best results.

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Unit 2- 601 Boleskine Rd

Victoria, British Columbia

Canada, V8Z-1C5

*Entrance is off of  Tennyson Ave*

Tel: (250) 590-5950